About me

As a software engineer from Colombia, I have a deep passion for academia and education, constantly seeking out opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills 📚. I also have a creative side, and love to inject bursts of color and personality into everything I do.

What I've done?

  • I am currently working in the area of Invoice by Amazon, which is responsible for enhancing the invoicing experience for Amazon Business customers by providing a unified invoice supplier. As a member of the Compliance, Accounting, and Payments team, I have been involved in several crucial projects, including the successful launch of IBA in the EU and Indian marketplaces. My work has helped to ensure that our customers have access to an improved invoicing system, making their shopping experience even more seamless and efficient.

  • As a Machine Learning Engineer at MercadoLibre, the largest marketplace in Latin America, I was a key member of a team that prioritized the quality of machine learning models. My responsibilities included designing and developing tools, libraries, and services to monitor production models. Through my work, I ensured that our models were performing at their best, providing the best possible experience for our users.

  • During my time as a backend developer at Merqueo 🐷, I undertook a variety of challenging tasks. Notably, I was responsible for integrating a new payment method into the application, specifically for CODENSA credit cards. Additionally, I played a crucial role in refactoring the email and push notification systems for the delivery of orders, streamlining and optimizing the process for a better user experience.

  • During my time at my alma mater, the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas , I had the unique opportunity to gain experience both as a software developer and in providing IT support for the accounting systems. In my role, I was responsible for developing software solutions to improve the functionality of the accounting systems, as well as providing technical support to ensure their efficient operation. This experience allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and accounting, and the importance of user-centered design in creating effective solutions.)

  • My passion for education was further strengthened when I had the opportunity to serve as a tutor at my university. During my time as a tutor, I taught courses in Basic Programming and Object-Oriented Programming, sharing my knowledge and skills with eager learners. In addition, I was also involved in the development of the Engineering Faculty Dean's page, making important updates and improvements to ensure that it was providing the most valuable information to students and faculty members. Through my work as a tutor and developer, I gained invaluable experience in the field of education and technology, and a deep appreciation for the role that technology can play in facilitating learning and collaboration.

What am I doing?

  • Currently I’m based in Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 and I work as a Software Development Engineer in the project Invoice by Amazon at Amazon.
  • I give talks in conferences and also in meetups, these talks are mainly focused on Python, you can check them here.

What other things I like?

  • I do lettering and bullet journaling, I love to draw and get inspired by typography and letters in general. 🖌️
  • My favorite group is Bastille 🎶
  • I like to read and actively participate in feminism and diversity issues